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Keinart Lobre


Visual novel, turn-based strategy


Mystery, comedy, drama, psychological, thriller


Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, NIntendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox


14th January 2021


Single player.

Compatible with mouse, keyboard, and controller.










In a nutshell

Lotus Reverie is a visual novel focused on time management and social relationships at the end of the world. The game includes an original and optional turn-based strategy minigame where turns occur at the same time.


  • Live a peaceful slice of life at the end of the world as you bond with other characters.

  • Manage your limited time wisely and try to uncover the mysteries of this world before it is too late.

  • Think about your decisions, your actions will influence the story and it will allow you to learn all kinds of new spells and battle styles.

  • Enjoy a high-quality audiovisual style. High-resolution art, dozens of character expressions variations, 23 backgrounds, 22 CGs, 16 other varied art pieces, and 43 melodies. Everything original.

  • More than 15 hours of main story content, even more if you try to unlock all the secrets the game holds.

  • Discover the new PSS (Parallel Strategy System) when fighting, or read the story if you would rather just enjoy the writing.

  • Enter your lost memories with care, as this is the end of the world, and nothing is as wonderful as it may seem.

Visual novel

Your daily life in the castle is defined by your relationships. The better you get to know someone, the more hearts you will unlock with them. Each character has four hearts to unlock, and you will need at least three of them to advance in their story.

Between scenes, you will be able to choose what to do next, but you will be limited by the tension bar. Every day and depending on your actions, the tension bar will increase, and the game will end if it reaches 100%.


Try to learn more about everyone while solving the mysteries of this world before you run out of time.

Battle system

The battle system is optional. Players will have the chance to choose if they want to read the game as a traditional visual novel or if they prefer to fight when the time comes.

This battle system is the new PSS (Parallel Strategy System). Players start in a map view divided by square tiles and it plays similar to games such as Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, or Valkyria Chronicles.


Every turn is divided into two phases:

Decision Phase

The player will select their unit's actions, movement, and attitude.

The actions available are attack, defense, or magic. Movement is selected by choosing which tile you want the unit to move. Lastly, the attitude refers to the type of movement the unit should follow if an enemy appears.

Confrontation Phase

Once the player is ready, the development phase will start. In this phase, all units will move at the same time according to the movement selected previously. However, a unit's movement may change depending on their attitudes.


If a unit has an aggressive attitude, and an enemy comes to its view, the unit will pursue them. If a unit has a distant attitude, it will try to run away instead.

Thanks to the fog of war, the player will only be able to see what their own characters can see. It is very important to try to predict your enemy's behavior to obtain the best results.

Once all characters finish their movement, confrontations will start. If enemies are in range and according to the actions selected before, units will attack, defend or use magic. If they are not in range or cannot engage for some other reason, they won't use any action.


Once all the confrontations are done, the turn is over and it goes back to the Decision Phase until someone wins.


Units will use stamina for their actions and movements, and if the players toggle the BOOST button, the characters will increase their fighting abilities and movement range in exchange for even more stamina. A good strategist needs to master when to use the BOOST to optimize their unit's actions while knowing when to rest to recover stamina. If a unit runs out of stamina, its defense will drop, and it will become unable to do anything for one turn.

Units from the same team share one single health bar, which means that single units cannot die during a battle. To win, deplete the enemy party's health points.

Together with a great variety of battle styles and spells for your characters, there are many other small details and skills that will influence strategy. Your decisions during the story will allow you to unlock all the powers you need to triumph in battle.


Handling your time properly is key to be prepared for battle. Defeat your enemies and make sure you can survive another day.

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